A-97987,  Διαμέρισμα 2 υπνοδ. Στρόβολος

Στρόβολος, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
  • Τετραγωνικά μέτρα: 84 Τετραγωνικά μέτρα
  • Υπνοδωμάτια: 2
  • Μπάνια: 1

Ref # : A-97987

Προς Πώληση € 166.000
Υπό ανέγερση

This is a category A energy building with high-end top quality construction materials and design. The building is located in a quiet road close to a green park and very good quality area with direct access to the center. Every apartment is a category A apartment and offers sound and weather insulation and along with the apartment every owner will get a certificate of energy efficiency. Part of the front will be covered with quality high pressure Laminate (HPL) according to the 3D design. The air conditioning system will be fully installed using the VRF system. In the one bedroom apartments on the first and second floor instead of the VRF system, split units will be placed fully installed. All the apartments will have electrical economical thermal units at every room. Every apartment will have an autonomous fast water heating system category A and will be handled by the owner inside each apartment. Photovoltaic panels and system will be placed at the roof of the building that will be distributed accordingly with the square meters of each apartment. Every apartment will have an autonomous inverter and each owner will know which photovoltaic panels correspond to their own apartment. Each apartment will have a door-to-door tv system. These apartments are for selective and demanding buyers looking for the best in the market. Please call for viewing as the availability changes. 



Βασικές πληροφορίες

Υπνοδωμάτια: 2
Μπάνια: 1

Πληροφορίες οικοπέδου

Τετραγωνικά μέτρα: 84 Τετραγωνικά μέτρα


Γεώργιου Δάβαρη 6, 2024 Στρόβολος, Λευκωσία, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
  • Τηλέφωνο: 22 873380
  • Άδεια: R.N. 488, L.N. 344/E
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